Museo Ka’i orgel

About Us

At the Museo di Kai Orgel, you will have the opportunity to experience this amazing music instrument from up close.

Our collection

The Ka’i òrgel is a cylinder piano or barrel piano. It is Curaçao’s most elaborate traditional music instrument. The museum showcases the lifework of Serapio Pinedo, self-made composer, arranger-tuner, player and maker of 63 Curaçaoan cylinder pianos. Visitors will learn about Serapio Pinedo’s biography and see the authentic tools he created, music cylinders he built and on which he installed musical pieces. A few of his street organs are also on display. The visitor will find a graphic timeline and audio visuals that will give a dynamic experience of how this master craftsman and musician helped develop the street organ and its music in Curaçao. This is a living collection with participatory experiences where the public will be able to arrange and play music as well as dance to traditional and more recent tunes of the cylinder piano. Our museum shop carries souvenirs to remember us by and to share with relatives and friends.

An inclusive experience.

Our collection is wheelchair accessible, as well as convenient for the sight impaired through audio information and braille offerings. We always welcome your suggestions as to how to improve our collection to make it more accessible to you as a visitor.

Kai Orgel (Cylinder piano) is one of Curaçao’s traditional music instruments.

Lelienberg 174, Willemstad, Curaçao, Curaçao